About me



My life long passions for Gastronomy and Conviviality have led me to extensive experiences in different settings
throughout France, Switzerland and in the UK. 


I have spent 7 years discovering the irresistible art of the British hospitality: the numerous well preserved
heritage Hotels touched me profoundly for they still carry such charm as the essence of British-ness and their passion
for bespoke service.


I recall vividly the time when I decided to cross over the Chanel into a totally new way of living, speaking and mostly working.

Today I am offering full support and expertise to anyone wanting to bridge over the new as I am working in very close partnership with the 15 finest Hotels in the UK.


My aim is to help you fulfil your vision to open up to new horizons and build up your professional portfolio,

FREE OF CHARGE i am committed to represent the best candidates for the best Hotels.

Do not hesitate to contact me to find out more about the lined up positions.



MPC Exclusive Recrutement

Marie-Pierre COSQUER
+33(6) 13 33 38 10